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Competency analysis tool (KYC)

General info

Global dependencies:

  • Docker and docker-compose Use docker images or run with node.js natively

  • Node.js Recommended to install using NVM and running nvm install

  • yarn (package manager used instead of npm)

  • git as version control system using rebase instead of merge.

  • The backend API will be available in the repository MOM assessment backend


Environment variables:

  • VUE_APP_API Location for the API service

  • VUE_APP_SUBPATH Subdomain where the app is going to be served

  • VUE_APP_PLATFORM To be used as platform identifier (currently not used)

  • VUE_APP_TARGET_PROXY Real domain to connect to the backend API after proxy forward

  • DATE_IMG_TAG Version number

Platform customizations:

  • Configuration endpoint /api/v2/configs/mom_front should return from database a list of entries to allow platform configuration

  • Custom themes can be added in the config endpoint using the key color_theme, adding the files to /pluings/themes/<lightTheme>.ts and importing them into const themesIndex from /pluings/themes/index.ts

  • Custom translations can be added in the config endpoint using the key custom_locale and adding the files to /pluings/i18n/<lang>-<platform>.ts

Build Setup

Useful notes when running development built:

  • API requests are been sent via a proxy forward defined with VUE_APP_TARGET_PROXY to avoid CORS issues.

  • Login action in production is different that in development

  • Logout action is not implemented in development (in order to logout, cookies have to be removed manually)

  • Related links are going to work different (while in development they are going to look like localhost:8080, when deployed to production those relative links are going to change to the real production domain)

With Docker:

Docker compose file is ready to use, just run docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml up -d.

When working with docker-compose.yml it is important to change the environment variable VUE_APP_TARGET_PROXY to the correct domain where the API endpoints are available.

You can access the login page by default going to http://localhost:8080/assess/en/login where assess is defined with environment variable VUE_APP_SUBPATH.

Without Docker:

Alternatively you can work without docker with the following commands:

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Build and hot-reload for development:

yarn dev

Build and minify for production:

yarn build


yarn lint

Customize configuration

See Configuration Reference.


The source code for the site is licensed under the MIT license, which you can find in the LICENSE file included in this repository.

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